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Famous Englanders

Benjamin Franklin Vs John Winthrop

John Winthrop, of Harvard University Professor was a Mathematician. He is a brilliant mathematician, physicist and astronomer, in Boston, his great-great-grandfather, also named John Winthrop founded Massachusetts Bay Colony, and Mass. was born. From 1738 until his death that he is a professor of mathematics and natural philosophy at Harvard, graduated from in 1732. Professor Winthrop in the United States in the eighteenth century science, the advancement of science and its effect on early New England was one of the leading men, in particular was great. Both Benjamin Franklin and Benjamin Thompson (Count Rumford), probably has a lot of interest in his early scientific research. (Bremer, 2003)

One of the first American intellectuals to account seriously in Europe - a regular correspondence with the Royal Society in London claimed. It is for the experiment, the Lisbon earthquake of 1755 as a scientific fact (instead of outside religious) describes known. Major earthquake events after his application for the calculations, the real founder of the science of seismology as the basis of the presentation was made by him. He observed the transit of Mercury in 1761 and 1740 and went to Nova Scotia to observe a transit of Venus. American government sent a scientific discovery is probably the first - he went on a boat provided by the State of Massachusetts.

He, however, again in 1773 from Harvard University in 1769 served as temporary chairman of the full presidency twice refused on the grounds that age. Concord, Mass., moved to Harvard University for nine months in 1775-1776, later famous as the way, Winthrop House occupied the following years, Louisa May Alcott and Nathaniel Hawthorne home. He also actively interested in public affairs, a probate judge in Middlesex County, was for many years ...
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