Fashion Industry Standards In Comparison To College Fashion Merchandising Competencies In Virginia

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Fashion Industry Standards in Comparison to College Fashion Merchandising Competencies in Virginia

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The fashion merchandising industry has grown considerably in the past few years especially in the last years if 1990s and early years of 2000s. The fashion merchandising market is still growing at a fast space and the reason behind its growth is the competitive in the global market. Many countries offer advance courses and degree programs regarding the fashion industry and its requirement. United States in one of those countries which offer advance fashion industry courses. Almost in each and every state there are universities which are offering certification courses and degree programs in different field of fashion designing. Fashion merchandising is one of the most popular fields in fashion industry especially in Western world.

One of the important tools used in this study to do comparison between industry standards and university programs is the associations. There are certain associations of fashion industry of United States. These associations make the industry standards by setting certain rules and guideline. These associations also provide accreditation for the universities to improve the standard of university programs. These accreditations provide standards and guidelines to universities so that they can prepare their courses according to the industry demands and requirements. By making programs on these standards students are able to get market knowledge and they get more chances in entering the real market.

According to the statistics of Virginia market it has seen that 3 percent of the all fashion merchandising professionals of United States is currently working in Virginia State. Recent study shows that field of fashion merchandising in Virginia is shrinking. The fact shows that 9,770 fashion merchandiser left Virginia market in 2010. In 2006 Virginia have more fashion merchandising professionals working. This difference shows that professionals of fashion merchandising field has been decreased by 5%. This decrease is more the national trend of fashion merchandising professionals. The national fashion merchandising professional trend shows 4 percent decrease.

The statistics show that professionals in fashion merchandising fields are decreasing. The salary packages are of fashion merchandisers are increasing. In 2006, the average salary of fashion merchandisers was 59,775 dollars per year. In 2010, the salary of fashion merchandisers went to 63,778 dollars per year. This statistic shows 6% growth in salaries of fashion merchandisers. The entire State professional mirrors this growth. There is huge difference between the highest paid fashion merchandiser and lowest paid fashion merchandiser. According to the studies it is found that fashion merchandising professionals in Virginia ear less than their counter parts in related professions.

The number of students graduating from accredited schools of fashion merchandising is decreasing. In 2006, there were forty students who graduated and in 2010, there were 19 students who graduated. In the form of percentage there is 52 percent decrease in fashion merchandising professionals. Most of the students usually take bachelor's degree in fashion merchandising. In the next part of this study which is the background, basic idea is given about the fashion industry ...
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