Fast Food Business In Uae

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Fast Food Business in UAE

Executive Summary

The new business needs to have well designed strategy to make entry into the market. The market of fast food in United Arab Emirates is very rich and also vast. The population mix of the selected area also affects the selection of the strategy to enter in market. The pricing of the products again depend upon many factors such as quality of the product's ingredients, demographic of the surrounding population and the price of the competitor's products. The report will give indebt analysis of setting up a new business in the field of fast food industry in United Arab Emirates. The United Arab Emirates' nation and immigrants have a very fast living style as they work more and the cultural system of the United Arab Emirates also allows both genders to join professional fields. This provides impetus to nation to depend on the fast food industry which is positive sign for the fast food industry. The fast food industry of the United Arab Emirates is much diversified because of the widely diversified population and the popularity of the fast food. The company will adopt low cost strategy to penetrate in the market. The company will offer products of competitive quality to customer initial years of business. This will assist the customers in gaining attraction of the customers.

Table of Content

Executive Summaryii


The Industry3

National Diamond Model3

Demand Conditions3

Factor Endowment4

Strategy, Structure, and Rivalry5

Related and Supporting Industries5

Target Customer6

Competitor Analysis6

Direct and Indirect Competitors6

Company Description7

Mission Statement7


Key to Success8

Product Plan8

Marketing Plan9

Sales Strategy9

Pricing Plan9

Advertising & Promotions9

User's Benefits10

Operational & Development Plan10

Management Team11

Critical Risks12


Start Up Costs12

Exit Strategy13

Financial Plans13


Profit and Loss Statement15

Balance Sheet17

Statement of Cash Flow19

Projected Cash Budget of Five Years20


Fast Food Business in UAE


The economic conditions, cultural values and life styles of any country have significant impact on all businesses sustainability and growth. The report will focus on setting up a new business in United Arab Emirates. The field chosen for setting up new business is the fast food industry. The report will analyze the fast food market of the country in term of its size, requirements, nature and trends of the industry. The size of the industry is very important because if the size of the industry is small then the room for new player will also be very little. The size of the industry is strongly interrelated with the number of existing players because if the existing players are in higher number in target market then the market will be very saturated and attracting such customers requires lot of efforts and even the initial products need to be offered at relatively lower prices as compared to competitor's products. The products can be offered at comparative or higher prices relatively to the competitors only on the basis of any prominent competitive advantages. The degree of change also varies from industry to industry and country to country. If the industry is witnessing change in demand more often then the cost of doing business is expected to be higher which in turn affects the profits negatively (Pednekar, ...
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