Fatal Attraction

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Fatal Attraction: Case Study

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The paper discusses the film Fatal Attraction with detail to the character of Alex Forrest played by Glenn Close. The paper further analyses the character of Alex from a psychological point of view. It puts the character of Alex into Multi-axial Diagnosis which diagnoses the psychological disorder faced by Alex. After the Diagnosis, the paper identifies a single disorder on which the character of Alex was based. The paper also identifies the treatment for Alex`s disorder according to the principles of Empirically Validated Treatment. In the end the paper gives out the change in outcome of the film if Alex`s disorder would have been treated according to the given treatment.

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Multi-axial Diagnosis4

Axis 1: Clinical Disorders4

Axis 2: Personality Disorders or Mental Retardation4

Axis 3: Mental or Physical Conditions5

Axis 4: Contributing Environmental or Psychosocial Factors5

Axis 5: Global Assessment of Functioning5

Further Diagnosis6


Change in the Outcome of the Film8



Fatal Attraction: Case Study


The film Fatal Attraction was released in 1987 starring Michael Douglas and Glenn Close. The movie was an American thriller blended with horror and was directed by Adriane Lyne. The movie is about a married man Michael Douglas who had a one night fling with a lady Glenn Close, an editor who happens to met him through his business, who wouldn't stop at nothing to have him. This resulted in blackmailing, stalking and the obsessive drama to unfold within the film. The movie was an instant hit in America and around the world. The critics were also very enthusiastic about the film and received six Oscars nomination including the best film.

The film generated much reaction and discussion from the general public on the potential consequences of adultery and infidelity. Feminists did not believe that the filmmakers did just justice to Close's character, depicting her as completely negative and psychotic, whereas, Douglas's character carelessness and irresponsibility are not discussed at all. According to Close, the film had an impact on men, as she said that “many men would still come up to me and say” 'you scare the shit out of me' and sometimes they would say 'you saved my marriage'” (Close says boiling that bunny saved marriages, 2008).

The character in discussion, in this paper, would be Close's character of Alex Forrest. A young, charming, elegant, and seductive woman with blonde hairs and the practicality of a free, independent, working woman makes her an ideal villain for this film. Although, an independent and strong lady, she just can't let go of her passion for Dan played by Michael Douglas, who just had a one night stand with Alex and hoping that both would forget about it the next day. However, he will have to remember this encounter for the rest of his life. As Alex goes to every length in getting Dan from going to his family, and creates paranoia throughout the film for Dan and his family. She goes to every length in getting Dan from going to his family, and creates paranoia throughout the film ...
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