Fawcett's Conceptual, Theoretical, Empirical Theory

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Fawcett's Conceptual, Theoretical, Empirical Theory

Fawcett's Conceptual, Theoretical, Empirical theory

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“Fawcett's Conceptual, Theoretical, Empirical theory”


Dr. Fawcett is an international recognized authority on conceptual models of nursing and nursing theory development. Her programs of Roy Adaptation Model-based research focus on functional status in normal life passages and dangerous illness, and women's response to cesarean birth. Her research covers instrument development and experimental, correlational, and descriptive studies.

Conceptual Model

This model can be define as a collection of comparatively abstract and specific concept that deal with the process of main concern to a discipline, the intention that widely explains those ideas and beliefs and the suggestions that states comparatively specific and abstract association between a number of concepts.The main purpose of each abstract is to deliver an identifiable framework that explains members of a discipline that how it can be observed and elucidate the process of relevance to the discipline.

Empirical Indicator

A most distinct and particular authentic substitute or alternative for concept of middle range theory, or a process which is being followed to calculate the concept of middle range theories, experimental conditions can be defined as an Empirical Indicator, and the Data can be defined as the information attained through empirical indicator. Its main purpose is to provide a platform with the help of which middle range theories can be originated and analyzed


Theories and conceptual models are not really new to nursing, there have been since Nightingale in 1859 first proposed his ideas about nursing. So as Nightingale had its own ideas of nursing all nurses have a private image of nursing practice and this influences the decisions and guides actions we take (Fawcett, 1996). However, these global ideas of what we understand by nursing, has been organized by Fawcett (1996) through what he calls "knowledge structure", which places the metaparadigm, philosophies, conceptual models, theory and empirical indicators structure down linking the abstract to the concrete world. What do we mean by metaparadigm. Are global concepts of the phenomenon of interest discipline of nursing, person, health, environment and nursing, which have been conceptualized differently by different nurses to lead to the generation of conceptual models (Reed, 2009)

In this scheme of the conceptual framework, the philosophy is located in a line staff, as a set of beliefs, values ??and what nurses assumed to be true, for the phenomenon of interest to the discipline "care", so that indirectly modify each nurse in their own work context means, person, health, environment and nursing This leads to the development of conceptual models, these are defined as a set abstract and general concepts and propositions that are integrated to give meaning incorporate empirical observations, intuitions of scholars, deductions combined with creative ideas in the field of research (Fawcett, 1986).

This means conceptual models are a set of concepts that explain generally the phenomenon of care, but the conceptual models are more complex and general than theories, these give a broad explanation of some phenomena of interest to nursing. The models generally have visions of the world phenomena, but represent ...
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