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Imagined conversations: women past and feminist presence [Name of Student]

Imagined conversations: women past and feminist presence

Barbara Stoddard Burks (1902-1943) & Alice Eagly (1938)\


The historical imagination, surely, connotes many things…. High on my list is the imagination to believe that our lives, experience, and knowledge…do not circumscribe what it is possible to live, experience, or know.” (Roger Smith, The Historical Imagination, 2000, p. 105).

This research studies the concept of the feminist understanding and behavior towards the study of psychology. An original interview is being conducted by two psychologists with each other in humoristic way. Both the psychologist discusses about their personalities and the history of studies of psychology in their era. This study will talk about the nature and development of psychology from the two different perspective of theorist.

Further, we try to explore the concept of the similarities and dissimilarities that each psychologist has within the study of their subjects. The main focus of the research is on personality analysis and behavior determination and its relation with the type of studies presented by these psychologists.

Interview Analysis

The interview is conducted between Barbara Stoddard Burks (1902-1943) & Alice Eagly (1938), both conducted research related to nature versus nurture. Introducing about each studies in psychology, Alice Eagly is considered as the psychologist of the current era. It is said that the female psychologist have the feminist accent in their studies as compared to the male psychologist. This was quite true when studying the fact and theories of both mentioned psychologist.

Alice Eagly Career Focus was on the gender differences and similarities; social role theory; leadership; pro-social behaviour; attitudes and stereotypes; research methods. The Theory of Gender Studies by Alice proclaim that children learn appropriate behavior and attitudes of family and the surrounding culture to grow, and so gender differences are not physical product of socialization. These are not mutually exclusive theories as a whole: it is possible that gender differences are partly innate but then be reinforced and exaggerated by the environment.

In relation to this Barbara Stoddard Burks research was an experimental research on the foster children and though she had a specialization in the mathematical application to human genetic data, she was more interested in intangibles-emotional, social and economic theories which trigger all studies of individuals or groups.Imaginative Interview

The nature of both psychologists is quite similar to many aspects; therefore, the interview conducted would relate the similarities in both behaviors.

The setting of the interview is done in the open park where Alice is taking a morning walk. She got to this particular lake daily and spends few moments there with her inner self, realizing the facts of life. She says that she explores herself at fullest when she is alone. In a similar setting Barbara also enjoys calmness and peacefulness.

It is around 4:30am and Alice woke up with a slight breeze. She got dressed and planned a walk. She walked through the meadows towards her favorite spot. She had a feeling of unconscious un-comfortableness within her. She did not know the reason. Sitting on the towering rock, which passes to the corner of lake, showing her image she saw the dew on leaves and ...
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