Fikes Wholesale Inc.

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Fikes Wholesale Inc.

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Company Profile3


Organizational Structure6

Employees at Fikes Wholesale Inc7

Code of conduct and governance7

Global diversity8

Talent and performance management8



World Leader in Marketing of Petroleum Products9


Operations restricted only to United States10


Growing Fuel Industry11

Well positioned to expand globally11


Tough competitive landscape12

Rapid technological changes and short life cycles13


Recommendations for the future of Fisk Wholesale Inc.14

Expanding Business15




Fikes Wholesale is a renowned brand name in the petroleum industry. It has been operating in the market for a long period. All the fundamental petroleum products are sold by Fikes Wholesale. It has a number of brands to its credit. Fikes Wholesale emphasizes on selling high quality products. Fikes Wholesale caters to unbranded markets as well. Fikes Wholesale boasts of a large number of clientele.

Company Profile

Fikes Wholesale Inc. is a provider of various petroleum products. It specializes in the lubricant industry. Fikes Wholesale has been able to harness exponential growth due to the success of its brands. The brands include Shell, Exxon Mobil and other brands. Fikes Wholesale focuses on quality for the sustainability of its brands. It is responsible for the marketing of multiple petroleum brands.

The distribution aspect for any Organization plays a very important role in generating sales. The network of independent dealers serves the customers in an appropriate way. The CEFCO chain of stores is responsible for performing the task of distribution efficiently. They strive to provide customers with quality conscious products in a convenient manner. It not only focuses on selling petroleum products but also provides access to different facilities for customers. So the customers would not only have their needs addressed but also can have access to other facilities like car wash.

Fikes Wholesale emphasizes on using their distribution networks strategically. Their Distribution Centres are built at such places that they fulfil the strategic needs of the Organization.

The Fuel industry is booming at a rapid pace. There are many companies offering fuel. In order to stay above the competition, Fikes Wholesale has come up with innovative strategies. It has been able to enhance its reputation by offering all varieties of petroleum products. The demand for Petroleum products has been increasing at a rapid pace.

Since its inception, Fikes Wholesale has focused on offering quality conscious products. The customers have been largely attracted to Fikes Wholesale due to its focus on Quality. The Dealer Network has to be managed in an efficient manner in order to achieve forecasted sales target. Fikes Wholesale augments its Dealer Network by making use of its rich history and profound knowledge base (Fikes Wholesale, 2012).

The Best Practices employed by CEFCO Chains are helpful in managing the dealer network in an appropriate manner. Fikes Wholesale has a rich background ranging from small store operators to major oil company management. For the purpose of assisting Dealer Networks, comprehensive knowledge acquired at CEFCO plays a huge role. With the success of CEFCO chain of Stores, its success is also expanded to the management of dealers.

The success of Fikes Wholesale has been largely attributed to the successful operations ...
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