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Final Paper

Final Paper


This paper intends to discuss a change that the management of a clinic or hospital could manage to improve patient care. The change process will be implied for the purpose of enhancing the management of a nursing setting. The requirement of change is identified in the arena of evidence based practice implementation in the daily routine by the nurses. The purpose of this paper is to make the reader aware about the importance of managing change within the health care settings. The change selected for the purpose of improvement of the care setting is related to the implementation of evidence based practice initiatives.

The outline submitted and the relevant information of previous assignments will be expanded. The planned change of implementing evidence based practice initiatives will be discussed along with an implementation plan. Being more specific, the change being made will be discussed in detail along with the rationale for change. Moreover, the audience I need to convince will be explored along with the provision of benefits of the intended change to the institution. The group to lead the initiative will also be discussed. Lastly, the proposed time line and the relevant measure of success will be provided in order to give the reader a clear idea about all the significant aspects of intended change.


The process of nursing is known to be a procedure of science. The process of nursing basically starts with taking clinical judgments to provide a balance between research evidence present in the particular diseases and nurse's own personal understanding of the situations. Critical thinking has been given extreme importance in the field of nursing. The basic job description of nurses is to provide the best possible care and environment to their patients which help them improve their conditions in a more rapid manner. Nursing process basically deals with providing the best care in an organized manner. Experienced nurses give importance to their intuitions in order to provide judgmental care setting.

Planned Change

The nursing process tends to create unity in the varied types of nurses who are working in different areas of the field. The primary motive of every nurse has to be delivering care which is patient focused and holistic in nature. The nursing process is used in the field of medical in order to evaluate the needs of clients ultimately resulting in developing courses of actions which are critical to solve the problems related to patients. Nurses need to focus on the usage of evidence that is scientifically reliable while providing care to the patients. Resident nurses are usually supposed to be over viewing the entire nursing process; however every nurse has a responsibility to follow the process when providing care to the patients (Patricia et al 2002). The planned change is related to the implementation of evidence based practice in the daily routines by health professionals.

The process of Evidence Based Practice starts with formulating a relevant question, than collecting the evidence and lastly critically appraising the evidence ...
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