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Financial and Non-Financial Employee Incentives as Motivational Factors

[Name of the institute]Financial and Non-Financial Employee Incentives as Motivational Factors

Title of Dissertation

Financial and non-financial employee incentives as stimulant, lure/bait, inducement, and motivator.

Aims of the Dissertation

Every research process aims to answer few questions. Similarly, this research aims to provide in depth view about the selected topic. This research renders detailed knowledge and information about following topics:

To provide a detailed information regarding financial and non-financial incentives and motivational factors.

To highlight different financial and non-financial motivational factors.

To discuss why, how and when of implication of financial and non-financial incentives and motivational factors.

There are numerous motivational factors that managers use to motivate employees. This research paper discusses only ten different financial and non-financial motivational factors that managers use to motivate its employees. These ten motivational factors are as follows:


This research paper would be based on mixed research method. It is the technique in which the qualitative and quantitative techniques are used collectively. The results of the mixed methodology are more reliable because it is more descriptive in nature.

The research instrument that would be used in this research paper to gather information is questionnaire. Questionnaire is one of the best ways to gather information (Flick 2002, 12). Getting questionnaires filled up provides good and timely information in a very low cost. Questions can cover almost all the psychographic details excluding the ones that require extensive reasoning. Questionnaire for this study is attached in the appendix. It would be filled by managers of organizations and employees of that organization (Smith 2007, 70).

Sampling is the first and foremost step of conducting a research. It is important to find out all those people who will be able to provide the information that will be used by the manager of organization. Sampling process that would be adopted to perform the research process is random sampling. This sampling method attempts to select items or sample based on the convenience of researcher. In this paper, the organizations would be selected using random sampling (Walliman 2001, 26).

Feasibility and Required Resources

The part of the literature review would be based on secondary data collection. The data would be extracted from various journals, articles and books. Secondary research describes information gathered through literature, publications, broadcast media, and other non-human sources. To obtain information several books of motivation would be explored. There are various methods of motivation by several authors and writers like Maslow, Armstrong and many others. These methods would be needed to explore. The source of information to gather information would be books collected from the library, newspapers, and news report of the companies, journals and corporate report, annual report and some from the internet.

Relationship to Existing Published Work

While conducting any research it is imperative to develop immense knowledge and information about that topic. To get this information exploration of existing published work plays vital part. Existing published work gives a researcher a deep insight of the topic. To get the understanding of the topic of financial and non-financial motivational ...
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