Financial Structure In The Lloyds Tsb Bank

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Financial Structure in the Lloyds TSB Bank



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Aims and Objectives2

Project Structure3



Philosophical Framework or Paradigm14

Search Technique18

Literature Search18

Inclusion and exclusion criteria19

Search terms - key terms20

Additional Online searches20


Search rationale20

Critical Appraisal tool21

Appraisal limitations21

Reliability and validity21

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Critical Review34

Key Insights35




The banking system in the United Kingdom is considered to be one of the best in the whole world. The banks in the United Kingdom are the life blood of their economy. The financial system in the banks affects the economy in every respect. Improving the financial programs of the banking sector would enhance the effectiveness of the financial statements when analyzing them. All the banks lie in this category where the improvement in the financial program will lead to the improvement in the analysis of their financial statements. The Lloyd Bank is one of the leading banks in the United Kingdom that plays an important role in the enhancement of the British economy. The financial statements are the representation of the financial data that shows the financial strengths and weaknesses of the company. The financial data in the financial statement enables the firms to be careful while investing in the new business activities. The financial statement also shows the profit and loss status of the company by relating it with the entries of the balance sheet. There are various methods of analyzing the financial statements. The analysis of financial statements includes ratio analysis, percentages for common size, funds analysis, comparative statements and schedule of changes in the working capital (Ross, 2002a, 135).


The study is conducted in order to develop the financial program at the Lloyd Bank that will help in analyzing the financial statements effectively. There are various aspects through which the financial program at the Lloyd Bank can be developed. The Lloyd bank being one of the leading banks in the United Kingdom plays an important role of the financial intermediary that provides loan to the businesses. It has provided significant loans to the businesses in the financial market that gave rise to the huge profits. The Lloyd Bank is offering vast range of financial services in the market that includes insurance, wholesale and international wealth services. The Lloyd Bank provides different kinds of insurance such as life and medical assurance. The bank has been providing general insurance for travel, home, pet, car and student insurance to more than five million customers. The wholesale department of the Lloyd Bank provides banking services to the important businesses, small and medium sized English businesses, multinational corporate firms and the financial ...
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