Flight Accidents, Faulty Equiptment

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Flight Accidents, Faulty Equipment

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Faulty Engine2

LOT Polish Airlines' Accident Due To Faulty Bearings in the Engine2

United Airlines' Accident Due To Faulty Fan Disk in the Engine2

Qantas Airlines' Accident Due To Faulty Engine2

Faulty Landing Gear2

Scandinavian Airlines' Accident Due To Faulty Right-side Landing Gear2

JetBlue Airways' Accident Due To Faulty Nose Gear2

United Airlines Flight 634' Accident Due To Faulty Landing Gear2

Faulty Flight Controls and Instruments2

China Northwest Airlines' Accident Due To Faulty Auto Pilot2

Copa Airlines' Accident Due To Faulty Instrument2

United Airlines' Accident Due To Faulty Power Control Unit2

Aero Peru's Accident Due To Faulty Power Control Unit2



Flight Accidents Due To Faulty Equipment


With the level of safety management and the high assurance of quality control from the airlines, the chances of accidents in aircrafts are very thin. However, when we study collectively, we see that a lot of accidents from the past have happened to be because of mishaps. The mishaps can be natural causes as well as unnatural causes. Natural causes cannot be eliminated, but an airline can prevent its occurrence by not being there at the moment. Lots of incidents and accidents have got prevented by appropriate analysis of natural factors before a flight gets planned. Unnatural causes, however, can be eliminated or at least be brought to a negligible level. In this essay, I will discuss flight accidents that occur, as a result of faulty equipment. The equipment is too many to be described individually, but some prominent equipment and their roles in an accident have been described.

Faulty Engine

Engines are the vital component of an aircraft. Aircrafts are either single engine or else multi-engine. There is a high probability in single engine aircrafts for an accident to happen because if the engine quits or develops a fault then the options are not too much. On the other hand, in multi engine aircrafts if one of the engines fails or develops a fault, the remaining engine can provide the power throughout the rest of the flight or at least help in landing to the nearest airport.

The faults in engines are of two main categories. The first one is 'pre-ignition' which includes spark plug wires successively parallel to each other, detonation or the circumstances leading to it, spark plugs of too hot sort for the function or plugs with fractured or broken ceramic cores, hot spots caused by an incompetent or broken cooling system, valves in use at higher than standard temperature due to unnecessary guide clearance or inappropriate seal with valve seat and carbon deposits that remain glowing.

The second one is 'detonation' which includes the failure of electronic related equipment, malfunctioning cooling system, excessive carbon deposits on piston, lugging the engine, ignition timing over advanced, low octane fuel and lean fuel mixture.

LOT Polish Airlines' Accident Due To Faulty Bearings in the Engine

On May 9th 1987, LOT Polish Airlines Flight 5055 crashed into a forest 9 miles short of the runway of the Warsaw airport killing all 183 people on board. While climbing, the plane needed extra ...
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