Fluency Reading Plan

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Fluency Reading Plan

Fluency Reading Plan


Fluency is a process which allows smooth, rhythmic, and continuous flow of reading or speaking, without breaks or repeats; using sounds, words and phrases together. Fluency in reading means to pronounce the words effortlessly and with expressions. This is particularly one of the biggest tasks of teachers, especially of the students of fourth to eighth graders.

Brief Overview of Mini Unit

A 5-day mini unit lesson plan for fluency reading is a great help to teachers who want the reading skills of their students to be improved.

Details of Book chosen with Synopsis

The book that we have chosen to build such fluency is: “3-Minute Reading Assessments: Word Recognition, Fluency, and Comprehension” by Nancy Padak and Timothy V. Rasinski. The book is a classical reading assistance for teachers in order to teach the students about fluency in reading through practice and performance. The book is recommended for class grade levels fifth to eighth.

The book is an intriguing way of enhancing the vocabulary and fluency of the 5th to 8th graders, while also being a quick source of assessment for further reading improvements. It contains passages that are leveled, allowing students to master skills of fluency in a quick and result-oriented manner. The book is recommended for students having low word recognition capability along with poor comprehension skills. The book is based on the guidelines of Reading first, and assures improvement in the fluency of students as they go about the unit study plan under this suggested reading module.

5-Day Mini Unit Study

Activities on the fluency of text are for students who decode with accurately written words, but have a very slow or hesitant reading. Activities fluidity aim to improve the speed, rhythm and expression of the reading, not only to improve reading accuracy. Teachers can assign the students with different tasks each day in which either they can engage in choral reading, tape-assisted reading or simply in drama-like performances where each partner's pair will read aloud, a paragraph. This unit would assist them in nurturing reading as a skill, while it will also be a source of excitement and interest to them (Christ & Silberglitt, 2007).

Five Different Activities

The activities included in the module of “3-Minute Reading Assessments: Word Recognition, Fluency, and Comprehension” includes the following:

Word Recognition Accuracy,

Fluency through Reading Rate as Measured From Charts,

Fluency through Expression on Scales,

Comprehension Activities within Classroom, and

Readers' theatre. ...
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