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Failure Mode and Effects Analysis and Healthcare

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis and Healthcare

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

When the application first, a team of employees from different corporate functions (interdisciplinary team) is formed. Include in particular construction, development, testing, production planning, manufacturing execution, quality management, etc. The analysis process itself is then with the help of forms (QS-9000) or the appropriate software implemented in a formalized way (VDA 4.2) (Shirouyehzad et al, 2011).

The FMEA provides:

a limitation of the system under consideration,

structuring of the system under consideration,

Definitions of functions of the structural elements,

an analysis of potential causes of errors, error types and error sequences, which are directly (e.g. using the W-questions derived) from the functions of the structural elements,

a risk assessment

Measures or proposals for solutions to prioritized risks

a pursuit of agreed mitigation and detection measures and

a residual risk assessment and evaluation.

In the context of risk management, how can it be used to improve processes in healthcare organizations?

One approach to advancing observation practices is medical errors analysis, which is based on the premise that human mistakes occur because of flaws in the system. Dr. Janofsky and his colleagues undertook a Failure Modes and Effects investigation (FMEA), a type of human components analysis, to improve fact practices on his hospital's inpatient psychiatric unit (Smith, 2007). Unlike root causes' analysis, which only occurs after a sentinel event, FMEA can be used proactively to identify and prevent human process errors before they occur, he pointed out. Failure Mode and Effects investigation (FMEA) is a methodology designed to identify potential malfunction modes for a merchandise or process, to consider the risk associated with those failure modes, to rank the matters in terms of significance and to identify and carry out corrective activities to address the most serious anxieties (Smith, 2007).

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