Food, Beverages And Tobacco Industry

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Food, Beverages and Tobacco Industry

Industry Characteristics:

The beverages, tobacco and food industry sector is different in relation to the number of female workers who are associated and employed in this industry. The share of female in workforce EU-27 has been calculated for around 42.4 percent, which has been 350.1 percent above the average economy of the non-financial businesses. This characteristic was obvious for most of the States who have been a member except of the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Ireland. The female workers represented around the fifty percent of the total workforce in the beverages, tobacco and food industry.

Market size:

In United States, the consumers spend around one trillion US dollars on food annually or approximately ten percent of the GDP. Above 16.5 million employees are working in this industry.

Products and Services:

Processing and packaging of the food products

Processing and packaging of beverages and tobacco products

Food Control

Engineering consultants for breeding, agronomy and food


Quality control:

As cited previously, the key matters of competitors in the food industry is the value of products. Food value is accomplished through well-coordinated collaboration method food retailers, manufacturers, suppliers of constituents and food manufacturers. If any of these connections are disorganized and unconditioned, the project habitually directs to corrupted or impaired merchandise which will habitually give assurance of the health of consumers. The difficulty of charges is a crucial topic in the food industry today due to poor value of goods they occasionally have a high cost, saying that all of the advantages, encompassing charges which contrary sways the people's stomachs. This has initiated numerous difficulties in the connection between retailers and suppliers. The distinction in cost is to gaze for new retailers and it more often sways the value of the food, too. Competition in the food industry is increasing tremendously, and this is mostly due to the detail that the force in the commerce grows. The purchaser is evolving and is becoming more requiring, and if you are unable to meet their obligations your product will not be wanted by the clients, and in turn this will convey an important fall in sales.

Health control:

Health issue is one of the major concerns of the industry. Recently, the industry has started focusing on the health measure a lot. The biggest problem in this concern is the dealing with the standardized nutrition labels which has resulted in artificial decrease of the products. The industry has come up with policies in order to promote healthy food and beverages market competition.


Demographics of the food, beverages and tobacco industry:


People belonging to the age group between 15 to 24 years are 19.4 percent, 25-44 are around 43.1 percent and 45 above are 37 percent.


Full time and year- 50.5 percent

Middle - 29.580 percent

Around 19 USD 23.5 percent

20-49 thousand USD 70.35percent

50 thousand and above 5.7 percent

Distribution of employment by more high level of educational attainment

Less than high 39.4% 14.1%High-school (DES) 31.7% 21.9%Non-university post

-secondary diploma 26.5% 43.1%Bachelors 2.4% 20.9%

Growth Rate:

Globally, the beverages, tobacco and food sector or group has generated total revenue of ...
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