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Food Industry


During the past few years has become increasingly traceability conception familiar in many sectors in the food industry. Last three decades outbreaks like BSE and the problems pose by foods contain ingredient derived from Genetically Modified crops, have strongly persistent attention on the topic of traceability in food manufacture (Hobbs, 1996). The Codex Alimentarius Commission (1999) defined traceability as the ability to trace the annals, submission or position of an entity by means of noted identifications.

Traceability is intimately related to product identity, origin of materials, product processing and distribution history. Traceability system for The appropriate tool for circulating information on product quality was to end consumers and making manufacturing system and the whole chain more transparent (Massimo, 2004). In order to develop a traceability system, the whole system must ensure that all information concerned is quickly and easily available to the person involved in the activities and flows of the production process (Clarke & Wilson, 1998). Good system for internal quality control and traceability of a production process can yield several competitive advantages as searchable

1. Getting better process control.

2. Directly involving finished product and raw material data.

3. Avoiding too expensive and unrewarding mixing of low quality and high quality of raw materials.

4. Carry out an easier quality auditing process.

Data collection and reconstruction must include the entire food supply chain, starting from the origin of the raw materials, moving on the production process, and ending with the distribution of the final product to customer. To ensure the proper collection of the necessary information, it is essential product to determine the batch size of the product being traced to the location of the key areas in the production process, material handling and batching polices adopted for the observed.


To implement a complete traceability from farm to fork for the entire product made in the factory met in order to achieve the above aim the following objectives have to be.

1. Identify all incoming raw materials where it comes from.

2. Ensure the raw material is delivered in to the factory according to the specification.

3. Good communication with the supplier and check them with the help of supplier audit Question are.

4. Review of current coding system and analyze what's wrong with it.

5. Implement a new cipher system

• Coding of all incoming raw materials.

• Coding of all production in house mixing and stuff.

• Coding for dispatch.

6. Implement a final batch code for each variety of the finished product.

7. Implementation of an effective batch code and product recall system

Literature Review

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