Foreign Trade

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Foreign Trade

Reducing the Trade Deficit

My first suggestion is to build a mass scale. Imagine replacing each plant in the country with new renewable power plants and construction of additional renewable power to offset all of our energy needs that we import into the country. Firstly, it can create a lot of highly paid construction jobs in the country for a very long time. Secondly, it will solve the problems of all the money from the country when we buy oil from other countries. Third, it would make the U.S. self-sufficient in terms of energy, thus, more secure financially and militarily. Fort, is now considered a cost-effective to implement renewable energy in the long run, since some alternative fuels are currently cheaper than oil. Fifthly, it will be environmentally friendly as solar, hydro and wind power plants will produce much less pollution. Even a new nuclear power stations may be established if the long-term storage of radioactive waste could be decided. Sixth, once built, it will lead to an increase in the number of permanent high-paying jobs to support the maintenance of these plants. Finally, maybe we could eventually even export energy to narrow the trade deficit and possibly even reduce the public debt.

My second suggestion to stimulate the economy is to increase research and development (R & D). In the next 10 years, four technological fields, which are predicted to have major breakthroughs biotechnology, robotics, nanotechnology, and alternative fuels?

Please remember that the whole world needs the United States to extricate itself from recession to recovery of the world economy out of recession them, too.

Economic Regionalization

It is the demarcation at the national level of economic regions that have formed or are formed in accordance with the territorial social division of labor. (Bragg 336)

Under socialism, scientifically based economic regionalization is a necessary tool for national economic planning area and is an important condition for increasing the territorial organization of the productive forces and economic governance.

Economic regionalization is an effective method of management and an important factor in the right combination of spatial planning with industry-management principles to ensure the rational distribution of productive forces, and regulation of specialization and integrated economic development of economic regions in order to ensure everything possible to increase the efficiency of social production Mitigating Currency Risk

Mitigating currency risk means to reduce the effect of translating foreign currency or foreign currency impact on the financial instrument(Wolf 77). ...
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