Foster Care In California

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Foster Care in California

Foster Care in California

Introduction Foster care, a part of the state progeny welfare scheme conceived to defend misused and neglected young children, presents 24-hour state overseen dwelling placements for young children who are in require of provisional alternate care because of misuse or neglect. The foster care scheme in California is a state overseen, shire administered system. The California Department of Social Services presents oversight to 58 shire progeny welfare bureaus that supply direct management and supervision of young children in the foster care system.



Children are most often put in foster care after they have been taken from their dwelling by a shire progeny welfare bureau and a juvenile court has discovered their parents will not look after them. A progeny who has been announced a uward of the court for committing a violation of regulation may furthermore be put in foster care if the court finds that coming back the progeny dwelling would be opposing to the child's best interest. For added data, glimpse the Youth Law Center's Fact Sheet: Overview of the Juvenile Justice System (Diane & Kate Karpilow, 2002).

Every shire progeny welfare bureau should sustain a 24-hour answer scheme to obtain and enquire accounts of supposed progeny misuse or neglect.' Once a call is obtained, the bureau pursuant to an crisis answer protocol should work out if the accusations need an in individual enquiry and, if so, if that enquiry should be immediate. (Reid et al, 1999). If the accusations are substantiated or inconclusive, the bureau may hold the case open and offer the family voluntary services to remedy and avert future misuse or neglect without court intervention. Voluntary services encompass in dwelling crisis services for up to 30 days or family upkeep services for up to 6 months without eliminating the progeny, or voluntary foster care position services for up to 6 months. If the accusations are substantiated, the bureau may request court intervention and either (California, 2001):

Keep the progeny in the dwelling, document a appeal in juvenile court to affirm the progeny reliant, and supply the family with court overseen family upkeep services; or

Remove the progeny from the dwelling and document a appeal in juvenile court (within 48 hours of the child's exclusion omitting non-judicial days) to affirm the progeny dependent.

Children who will not securely stay in their dwellings due to parental misuse or neglect or youth who have been arbitrated as delinquent may be taken from their dwellings by alignment of the Juvenile Court and put in out-of-home care. These young children and juvenile persons are said to be in foster care and their care is paid for by governmental agencies (Curtis et al, 1999).

Under present regulation, shire putting bureaus - Child Protective Services (CPS) and juvenile probation - are needed to location young children in the smallest restrictive, most family-like setting possible.  Depending on one-by-one desires, a progeny may be put in the dwelling of a relation (kinship care), a shire permitted foster family dwelling, ...
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