Foster Care System In Canada

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Foster Care System in Canada

Foster Care System in Canada


Foster care system refers to the arrangement of private home for the children who has been made a ward. Such facilities are operated mostly by the state intended to provide children not only shelter but also specialized care. People who are assigned as special caretakers are called “foster parents.” (Whitbeck, 2009) The government stands as loco parentis to the child by means of family court and child protection agency and take all legal decisions whereas the foster parents are in charge for the everyday care of such child. The foster parent is salaried by the government for their services. (Cheryl et al, 1998) Foster care is planned to be an interim place until an enduring placement can be made. The permanent place for the child would be determine by considering following options:

Reuninion with the biological parent(s) - When it is believed in the child's best interest. This is usually the first choice.

Adoption - Wishfully by a blood relative such as a grandparent or aunt.

If no blood relative is not agreed or unable to adopt, the next choice is for the minor to be adopted by the foster parents or by someone else from the child's life (for example a coach or teacher). This is to keep continuity in the minor's life.

If none of this alternative is on hand, the minor may be adopted by someone who is a stranger to the minor.

If none of these alternatives are feasible, the plan for the minor may go into OPPLA (Other Planned Permanent Living Arrangement). This alternative lets the kid to reside in guardianship of the government according to whcih the kid can reside in a foster home with a relative or an Independent Living Center or long-standing care facility. (Viner and Taylor, 2005)

Foster Care system in Canada

Foster care is a kind of arrangement, which provides a sort of guardian for minors with no family or who have been detached from their parents (this occurs for various causes). Canadian foster care also functions using the same technique like other foster care systems across the globe. (Viner and Taylor, 2005) Foster care is a system that is intended to provide assistance to such children who have been detached from their parents which may include several reasons. Canadian foster care is developed to take children into state custody, where they become responsibility of the state and governemt take care for them till they reach to 18.

Every time when one talk about a child from Canadian foster care, s/he may be talking to a Crown Ward. Crown Ward is a name that represents children who are living in foster care at Canada. (Cheryl et al, 1998) A Crown Ward becomes the liability of the state till they reach 18 years of age. The entire purpose of Canada foster care is to assist childs of Canada to progress and work for the betterment of the ...
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