Franchising Sonic Drive-In In Australia

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Franchising Sonic Drive-In In Australia

Franchising Sonic Drive-In In Australia

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Re: Sonic Drive-In Strategic Issues and Recommendations

Sonic Drive-In is one of the largest services providers, which has due to its unique approach have grown from a small town organization to one of the largest. With the changing world, the demand of businesses and customers are also changing in every sector, even in the financial services. The company pose some serious threats among them new entrants and rival firms are of major concern, as this industry is largely reliant on the unique approach which Sonic Drive-In have in terms of offering its services to small business owners and individuals. It is recommended in this study after the analysis of environment that the company should now shift its focus more on online business, as this medium has the potential which can aid in the rapid growth of the company.


In this study we try to explore the concept of Business persuasion and business integration in a holistic context. The main focus of the research is on persuasion and its relation with business integration. This paper looks into the changing attitudes of regular (mainstream) attitude of consumers towards the implementation of inclusion of special customer need. This paper tries to take into account the need for a improve understanding of Business persuasion towards organization.

Franchising Sonic Drive-In In Australia


The exercise of influence. Persuasion can be accomplished by various means, including argument, entreaty, and expostulation. Interpretations of the word are broad, ranging from coercion to behavior modification. Persuade, the predicate form of the word, is often used interchangeably with the word convince, but their Latin origins show them to differ, in that convince comes from a word that means to conquer, while persuade comes from a word that means to advise, to make appealing, or to sweeten.

Persuasion as rhetoric has been discussed among scholars as far back as the ancient Greeks. In contemporary times, persuasion has become a subject of communications science and is studied for its application to political processes, public relations and corporations, advertising and consumerism, inter personal relationships, and societal change.

Persuasion theories include language expectancy, regarding the effects of linguistic variations on message perception, and inoculation theory, regarding message resistance.

Mission Statement

At Sonic Drive-In, we believe that research can help us better food, so people better lives. Good food is the primary source of good health throughout life. We consumers of foods that are safe, of high quality and optimal nutritional needs. Besides food, health and wellness, bringing products for consumer's fundamentals of flavour and fun. As consumers continue to decisions about food and drinks, they consume, to help Sonic Drive-In choice for every individual taste and lifestyle preferences. Research is an important part of our heritage, and Sonic Drive-In is a key element in our future. We know that there is still much to learn about health, wellness and the role of nutrition in our lives and we continue to seek answers to consumers' good food for a good life ...