Frankenstein Application Essay, Writing Assignment - 5a

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Frankenstein Application Essay, Writing Assignment - 5A

[Composition 2]

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Thesis Statement

Marry Shelly's Frankenstein resolved ethical issues in science, and its practicality by showing the negative aspect of it within the Novels Society, on which question were raised and improvements were made.


Since a long time Frankenstein has been the center of attention in the Mary Shelley's Novel. Frankenstein was a person who was controlled by the science and technology. His intentions were not clear in the whole novel, since he was not able to distinguish between the good and the evil. Thus many question answers were to be unearthed if a person want to fully understand the intentions of the Frankenstein.

Many of the questions were like whether the person has the right to devalue life with so much ease and basically what is the purpose of the life? With constant changes taking place in the field of science and technology the creation is greatly affected. The changes which emerged have both positive and negative outcomes. In the Novel Frankenstein , the character victor tried to understand the forces affecting nature , triumph of science and God being mocked which can all backfire in short period of time .


Frankenstein's Creature

The Character Frankenstein was very much amazed by how things really worked and what were the factors which made them to response in that manner. The concept of perfect creation was the series of work which he did to find out the answer to how things work (Drabble, pp. 2). He constructed a creature which ultimately failed to impress him, since it was not based on his likings. He worked day in and day out to make the creature a perfect being, yet he failed to make the creature meet his set standards. The term creator was not awarded to Frankenstein for his creation. He was unsatisfied with the creature long before his family and friends were getting murdered by the creature.

Frankenstein was not able to grasp the positive aspect of his creation and instead focused on the short coming of creature. He was also not able to understand, how his creature felt about the world (Smith, pp. 3). He was totally ignorant of what his creature offered instead remained selfish on his designs. He was worried more about his point of view and idea, instead of understanding the creature.

His scientific logic and imagination could not clear his misconception, that what changed things to such extent and why his creature was not built to perfection to which he had envisioned it to be .Thus he was very disappointed on the result. When the life emerges in a creature there is a possibility that it will be a greater creation. Frankenstein was a science believer and did not believe in god (Abbey, pp. 12). He did not have religious minded personality, yet in his work there was a great role that nature plays in the life's creation. The role of science was mere in the working of life; whereas the role of ...
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