Free Will

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Free Will

Free Will

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The subject of free will tends to target the root of our concept about the nature of human beings and how humans relate to the natural laws and the universe. Are we totally described in terms of deterministic nature of the physical law? Crucial fates imposed by different theories paradoxically have produced a related end-effect. In both the cases, humans will be fundamentally complicated machines, with our conscious intentions and feelings directed on with no fundamental power. Or are we independent in taking actions and making decisions which are not exactly determined by the physical laws? (Patricia, 2006)

The concept of freedom of will, free will, always comes up regularly, whenever we think or talk about our consciousness, as it may sometimes seems to some people as free will is linked to the consciousness. For example, it might seem as we have freedom of will only if the consciousness impacts the physical world. Theory of free will has very effectively explained that how the concept of free will has worked in normal objective language, how some of the actions and activities can be based on our free will and other cannot. On the other hand, it also differentiates the concept from the question of determinism, consciousness and Divine Omniscience. Skinner made people realize that there is no difference between them and the inner person they possess. The present person and the teenage personality and the childhood personality: all of them are one same person.

As per my opinion, Human beings do have free will. They have the right of deciding and choosing between things on their own. Almost all of the actions depend upon the personal decision taken by the person himself. According to me, people are responsible for their own fate. They create and crave their own fate. This depends on their level of conscious and how they utilize it to take their own decisions. (Patricia, 2006)

In such matters, when decisions taken are always provided by logical and empirical reasons. The better way to explain determinism is that it is the notion of reasons. For example, if someone asks me why Skinner chosen to opt for a slice of chocolate cake, Skinner will be giving answering that person by giving certain reason as it very tasty and since no one was having it. Skinner believes that there is always a reason behind the decision taken or our choosing one way rather than the other one. We have the authority to freely take our decisions and then bear the consequences. Skinner also believes that whatever decision we take and whatever choices we make are all backed by certain reasons (Augustine, 1999)

The conventional idea of ??freedom of will get into the norms of the Western philosophy by meta-physical question regarding the responsibilities of how human behave morally. Number of modern conflicts around the free will frequently refers to the criminal and moral behavior responsibilities. According to traditions of Christians, which define the problem surrounding the will of human, faith in ...
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