Freedom Of Speech For The Government Employees

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Freedom of speech for the government employees



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In the following proposed study, we will analyze and examine the concept of freedom of speech and how it is provided to the government employees. The main focus of the study is to analyze what kind of protection is given to the government employees under the first amendment act.

The research study will also illustrate the various kinds of freedom of speech given to the government employees. The research study adopts the secondary research method for the purpose of data collection and analysis. In the end the research study also provides adequate recommendations and suggestions for future research and also provides implications for the study.

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Freedom of speech1

Small scale organizations2

Large scale organizations4


Thesis statement6


Outline of the thesis6

Laws related to freedom of speech7

Freedom of speech for government employees9

Types of freedom of speech11

Core political speech11

Commercial speech12

Expressive conduct12

Cases related to freedom of speech12

Case of Marvin Pickering for freedom of speech12

Case of Sheila Meyers for freedom of speech13


Relevant authority16

Benefits of relevant authority17



Freedom of speech

The term freedom of speech is defined as the fundamental right or the human right, which is also stated in the article 19 of the universal declaration of human rights in the year 1948. This has also been stated in all the constitutions of the democratic systems. It has been observed that the right to the freedom of expression is defined as the medium for the distribution of ideas, as it was conceived during the enlightenment. Moreover the freedom of speech is also sometimes referred to as the right through which people can express their opinions and views and also respect others. It has been observed and indicated in many historical studies that today, the right of freedom of expression is recognized as the standard norms of civilization, though often imposed some restrictions on it, such as in matters of public insult other people

The researchers have stated that Freedom of speech is also referred to as freedom of speech. This further means that freedom of expression is considered to human right to freely express their thoughts. This can include both orally and written form of expressions. With the help of research studies it can also be stated that this also includes the political and social advertising. This right is mentioned in a number of international documents, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Article 19), the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (Article 10) and the Constitution of the Russian ...
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