French Revolution And The Industrial Revolution

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French Revolution and the Industrial Revolution

French Revolution and the Industrial Revolution


In the history of the contemporary world, the revolution meant French transit company estates, heirs of feudal , capitalist society, based on an economy of market. The bourgeoisie, conscious of its role in economic life, shifted the power of the aristocracy and the monarchy absolute. The French revolutionaries not only created a new model of society and state , but issued a new way of thinking for most of the world.

History of Revolution

The end of the eighteenth century was a time of upheavals in many parts of the Western Hemisphere, conditions that are attributable directly or indirectly, fermenrto of ideas known as the Enlightenment . These ideas reflect the needs and tensions of a changing society are base on new knowledge of seventeenth-century scientist, which led to a new faith in reason and progress. on the one hand, this led to a rejection of authority and a statement of Rights of Man , expressed in the famous statement of Rousseau that man is born free but everywhere is in chains.

Revolutions first appeared in large scale in the English colonies in America . Drawing on the philosophy of Locke on natural law, the settlers refused to pay a tax established by the Parliament in London, which were not represented. For 1775, the dispute had reached a war declared. Moderate men who would have maintained the old structure of society were replaced by others with goals more democratic and the war for independence won national support for all social strata. The American example was an inspiration to the rebels in the Netherlands and in France , whose troops had fought on the American side in the war (Schumpeter, 2005).


The French Revolution was the most ...
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