Freshman Expectations When They First Set Foot On A College Campus

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Freshman expectations when they first set foot on a college campus



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Outline of the study1

Background of the study1

Rationale of the study2

Research aims and objectives3

Research questions3

Limitation of the study4

Time scale4



Self efficacy and formation of expectations8

Students expectations9

Job oriented curriculum design9

User-friendly Course Delivery Method10

Opportunities for lifelong learning10

Healthy working environment11

Student consumerism11


Research design13

Mixed methodology14

Research method14

Quantitative search15


Literature search16

Data analysis method16

Quantitative data analysis16


Ethical considerations18



Outline of the study

The following thesis proposal is based on the topic “expectations of freshman in campus”. The initial chapter of the thesis will explain and provide details on the introduction to the topic which will also highlight the aims and objectives and background of the study. The second chapter of the thesis will provide a detailed review of the literature and previous studies. The literature review will explain and emphasize on the previous research done in the specific field. The chapter of literature review will illustrate and provide information regarding the expectations students have when they enter into a new campus. The third chapter of thesis will explain the methodology of the proposed study. The fourth chapter of the thesis will analyze and examine the findings and discussion will be provided. The fifth chapter will provide conclusion. The final chapter will also provide future implications and recommendations for future research study.

Background of the study

Many studies have been conducted which have stated that throughout the entire college admission process, many students try to adopt various ways so that they can understand life as a college or university student. Keeping in mind the students of today, many students explore and analyze their college and university options and therefore they form their expectations. Many studies have stated that when students enter into college or university with lots of expectations (Wertlieb, 2005). They believe that they will easily attain academic achievements in the learning environment. Many studies have indicated that majority of students will receive a very good chance that would earn a very good GPA in their course of studies. Many studies have various expectations that they will be satisfied with the college and they will be able to socialize with other ethnic groups and minorities (Schneider, 1999)

Moreover students also expect that they will be able to participate in other student clubs ...
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