Fundamentals Of Research

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Fundamentals of Research

Fundamentals of Research

Why is it important to avoid writing research questions in a form leading to Yes or No answers? How can a researcher prepare research questions to avoid this shortcoming?

For taking a decision which is a much big for your company or your company's output, one should consider doing research. Research approach which we are going to use here would be Quantitative research and Qualitative research. Data would be taken from primary as well as secondary resources. Deductive research approach would be used, where the general data would move towards the specific data (Borda, 1991).

It will not mediate or control anything but only provides us with the data that would benefit our research. Our research which is on investigating the feasibility of the multi-national setting up a new plant would go to another level. Quantitative approach would help us in analyzing the financial matters which would be a necessary part for our research as every company needs to know how much to invest to have the most of revenue at the end.

How does the concept of research hypotheses differ between qualitative and quantitative research?

Qualitative approach (also called ethnographic research) would help us to get descriptive data in a normal setting through which we can achieve the depths of the research area. It would give the answers of all basic questions we would be requiring for our new business plant. This approach would help us to cover many variables such as how the things are, why they came to be that way, and what does that mean.

When are hypotheses used in research? When is it inappropriate to have a hypothesis?

The statistical analysis of data would give straightforward results. Statistical analysis allows researchers to find out multifarious connecting relationships & to conclude to what degree one variable impacts and influences another. In the end, Deductive research report would enable us to settle the data as we require it. Whatever will be gathered through research would be minimized as per the company's practical approach, its capability, its vision in short in its own perspective. This report will provide you the total consequences from which you would be gaining the methods which would be useful for the research for checking the feasibility (Borda, 1991).

What are important considerations in determining an appropriate data analysis approach?

When the collection of information would be unbiased only then the ...
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