Funds Of Knowledge Assignment

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Funds of Knowledge Assignment

Funds of Knowledge Assignment


The aim of the study presented in this article, is based on the socio-cultural theory, to describe the relationship between the family and school life of students from lower classes and rural worker, and document how teachers do it for "funds of knowledge" of families to establish direct connection between student life and classroom instruction. The effects of poor education, poor excellent environment and experiences of children are intertwined and influence their final school performance. We propose a pedagogical model which illustrates an approach based on the funds of knowledge, and the potential on the development of scientific concepts and mediated by teachers as an extension of spontaneous concepts learned through experience.


The writer has used qualitative and ethnographic techniques of observation, interviewing, individual and group reflection and document analysis. The analysis was based on interpretive research and discourse analysis. The results on the learning patterns illustrate the variety of ways available to teachers to make connections between home and school in order to stimulate the academic development of students. The researchers found that some teachers were better than others in teaching funds of knowledge and, consequently, some students made less academic success than others (Gonzalez et al., 1993).

The funds of knowledge as made explicit research problem the main concern in the claim originated practice pedagogies multicultural. Critical pedagogies, in the sense that it raises the languages and experiences, allowing understand the borders as socially constructed experiences are at the intersection of language, culture, power and history. Addressing these challenges or problems involves a complex field located in production knowledge. A way to contextualize our concerns say which fall within a relational field such as that set pedagogies and cultures around, putting on a core focus on: pedagogies and cultural diversity/inequalities (Gonzalez et al., 1993).

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