Future Gender Relations In U.S.

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Future Gender Relations in U.S

Future Gender Relations in U.S


Gender, being a social construct varies from other times, about other countries and some other social groups in terms of economics, norms and values, religion, political system, age, etc. This makes characteristics, expectations and opportunities assigned to persons not are the same from one generation to another, or across groups.

Gender relations are established through processes such as communication or control of power and are transmitted through education, family, school and our environment, taking on this issue a considerable influence media (Kanji, 2007).


The United States is undoubtedly the most innovative and progressive countries in the world. Most inventions were produced in this country over the past half century, from a microwave oven for atomic bombs, the Internet for space travel.

Baby-boom era can rightly claim credit for many discoveries that have added ease, comfort and speed of human life. Naturally, they experimented with various forms of gender relations, as well, and minor children have added a new impetus to find a satisfactory equation of sex.

Opening of the pill in the mid-60 eliminates the worry of unwanted pregnancies and caused what is now known as the "sexual revolution". This gave women freedom of choice in their relationships with men (Falkingham, 2004).

Seductive siren song of this concept provided the pleasures it promises so often as a punishment and disaster, when freedom was taken a license to go wrong and any end in search of excitement. Percentage of accidents, it seems, quick installation, so that their representation on the radio and television programs to speak, the trial in special courts, the messages on the media and movies like "American Beauty."

One case that attracted much media attention, some time ago, was a beautician for 25 years, she is very beautiful, he returned to his home one night completely exhausted and was in no mood for fun or party. Her husband, however, may have been an easy day at work and wanted to experience the thrill of love in action. He tried to put in the right mood and, in the absence of superimposed on it, regardless of their protests. This enraged the young women to the fact that, while he, exhausted, went immediately to bed, she ran to the kitchen, took a big knife and cut the cause of their problems. Surgeons had five hours to make an important part of your body. Complaint was lodged with the police and was convicted by a jury. Conclusion: The "not guilty". For men, despite her husband did not do what he did to her. This violates their freedom of choice, freedom to say "no." (Moore, 2005)

Since the sexual revolution of the mid-60s, the whole scene between a woman and man relationship moves to a libertarian values. Now even lesbians and gays exhibit their orientation sexually. Same-sex marriages, even though rare, because not a lot of movement in the social fabric. Immorality now been revised and the social stigma that once ...
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