Gather Statistical Information On Head Trauma And Outdoor Sports

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Gather statistical information on head trauma and outdoor sports

Gather statistical information on head trauma and outdoor sports


Sports Related Traumatic Brain Injury (TBIs)

According to CDC, almost 300,000 sports relevant “Traumatic Brain Injuries” (TBIs) happened every year in United States. As immense athleticism is included in sports like hockey, boxing and football are potentially at very high risk because of high level contact involved in these kinds of sports. Other sports like baseball, skateboarding, cycling and basketball are also very common in causing head injuries. In most cases the sport related head injuries caused severe damage or sometimes the permanent effect on brain and also the main reason for deaths in sports related coincidences.

High-Schools Level Sports and TBIs

Mostly at school level sports the minor head injuries go unnoticed, whereas the moderate and severe cases are obvious. As the minor head injuries comes under the group of “Closed Head Injury” (CHI) as opposite to “Open Head Injury” (OHI) (where penetration occurs in skull), the impairment happened due to CHIs are not apparently visible. Neither could you find it thorough MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) scans or computer tomography. In these case the medics totally depends on described symptoms.

According to (AANS) survey, nearly 21% of all TBIs among the age of 18 years or under are due to sports related coincidences. Mostly players are unable to identify the brain injuries or tone down to stay in their game. According to the research by team AJSM, estimated 3 to 4 concussions happened annually in average 50 players' high school level football team (Marar, Mcllvain,, 2012).

TBIs at Professional and College Level Sports

As compare to the school level athletes, the professional and college level players' brains are completely developed. Unfortunately the shock they bear is much stronger compare to those endured at school level sports. At ...