Gay Marriage

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Should Gay Marriage Be Legalized or Not


In this study, we are debating on the most controversial issue of these days, i.e. Gay Marriages. The focus of the research is on the Gay rights and their right to be in a relationship. The research also analyzes many aspects, which are in favor or against of Gay Marriages.




Discussion and Analysis4



Should Gay Marriage Be Legalized or Not


The following discussion is about the rights of gay marriage whether it should be legalized or not. Even if, it becomes legal, it is not accepted by the societies.

Same-sex marriage is a marriage between persons of the same sex. The registration of a marriage establishes the couple of distinct specificity: the right to joint property, the right to alimony, the right to inheritance, social and medical insurance, preferential taxation and crediting, the right to name, the right not to testify in court against a spouse, the right to act as a trustee on behalf of a spouse in the event of his incapacity due to health, the right to dispose of the body in case of death of a spouse, the right to mutual parenting and foster care and other rights, which denied unmarried couples (Chauncey, 2004).

Opponents of gay marriage argue that by tradition and religious norms in marriage, only a man and a woman may enter, but because the requirements of gays and lesbians to recognize them the same right is absurd, and it is not about equal rights of homosexuals and heterosexuals to provide new, unprecedented rights (Spedale, 2006).

Discussion and Analysis

Modern Western societies in North America and Europe are increasingly moving toward the acceptance of same-sex relationships. At first people were challenged to accept lesbian and homosexual partnerships on a political and legal level; but recently and more problematically, Christians are being asked to accept a redefinition of the institution of marriage itself. A marriage is no longer regarded essentially as a bond between one man and one woman, but as a sexual relationship in which two men or two women may also be committed to each other (Bernstein, 2009). They ought to be recognized to have the corresponding rights of support, adopting, parenting, divorcing, inheriting and the other privileges and obligations that spouses in a marriage expect.

Several European countries, including traditionally Catholic societies such as Spain, as well as a number of American states have either passed legislation to allow same-sex marriage, or have had their courts rule that restricting marriage to heterosexuals is unjust. It is not at all surprising that many Christians who five in areas where these social developments have progressed furthest should attempt to harmonize the attitudes and practice of their churches with those principles of tolerance, fairness and compassion that are the supporting moral features of the acceptance of same-sex marriage (Altman, 2007).

By legalizing the same-sex marriage, nothing will ever be the same, neither in the Army nor in the courts, not even in the family compensation funds. In a comprehensive decision, the Constitutional Court put on ...
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