Gay Rights

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Gay Rights


“Gay Rights” vary significantly by country or territory - everything from lawful acknowledgment of same-sex marriage or other kinds of partnerships, to the death penalty as sentence for the sexual activity. Homosexual couples argue that that they should be given same privileges as heterosexuals couples. They should be given certain benefits and rights, such as file a joint tax return, and health care benefit, but in a different way such as partnership, but not marriage; because first, by given them the right to marriage we will violet the freedom of religion, secondly it will change the definition and value of marriage, and marriage will no longer have its value, because the union is going to be between two men or women. There is no need for homosexual couples in order for a society to survive, but there is an extreme need for heterosexual couples and their offspring. It has been proved that society can survive without homosexual couples fine; therefore, by given them the privileges to marriage we well extend the homosexuality thus that would be a threat to our traditional family. (Ridinger 2004 45)


Homosexual couples are banned from marriage and forbidden to enter into this powerful and honorable institution; a gay or lesbian couple may love each other as deeply as any two people, yet still cannot marry. Today, the question of legalizing gay marriage is a widespread topic. Society is growing and adapting. Some of what once was unthinkable is now evident in our culture such as, interracial marriage. Many, though, still intensely oppose same-sex marriages. The desire to have the benefits of marriage, as well as the change in ideology of society are some of the reasons people want gay marriage; however, many people are concerned about the possible effects such as new state laws, greater tolerance, and more infidelity and a negative influence on youth. (Ridinger 2004 47)

Why are gays fighting so hard for marriages when many are willing to "compromise" and grant civil unions? Most civil union and domestic partnership laws grant similar rights and privileges to same-sex couples that married heterosexual couples enjoy. That would include filing joint tax returns, giving partners a say in medical decisions, joint health coverage and adoption privileges. The law, however, just recently permitted these rights, and many states still do not have such laws. Not so long ago many gay couples were denied joint coverage much less any say in medical decisions. These privileges greatly affect the life of a homosexual as proved by Thomas B. Stoddard in his article "Gay Marriages: Make Them Legal". A lesbian couple lived as spouses for four years until one was seriously injured when hit by a drunk driver and needed constant care. Moreover, because her partner had no legal rights her parents gained legal guardianship and took her 300 miles away. The parents did not allow any visitation between the two women. This had a devastating effect on their relationship as well as emotional state(Glazer & Drescher 1). As a society, ...
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