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GE: Training and Development of Employees to create Leaders

GE: Training and Development of Employees to create Leaders


General Electric is a company that has a unique and strong technological heritage attach to it in a way that very few know about around the globe. General Electric Company has a history of more than 100 years now, as it came into existence in 1892. The fact, which not all, know is that Thomas Edison laid the foundation of GE as his company; Edison General Electric, along with Thomson-Houston Company gave birth to the GE today. GE is an innovation driven company which is offering various products. Under the company name, GE products ranging from appliances and aviation products to health-care, rail, and lighting being develop. All go through an extensive research work and target to perfection for the customers.


Large organizations of the world have different approaches to tackle various problems arising during the routine operations practiced. Companies such as GE with strong experience in hand develop strategies which they practice in order to attain their future objectives. One of similar strategic approach used by GE is to invest a lot in the training and development of the employees in a way that they are ready to be future leaders. However, GE offers leadership program to people at a different level of careers; hence, aiding them to work in the most effective way and tackle the challenging task which arrive on a regular basis. GE works according to an objective which highlights the fact that GE always focus on building great leaders and think that this approach is a strategic necessity. Entry Level Leadership Program

This is a leadership program specially build for the new entrants of the corporate world. GE focuses on their abilities as a leader; therefore, these ...
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