Gender Or Race Stereotypes In Regards To Videogames

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Gender or Race Stereotypes in Regards to Videogames


This paper aims to explore stereotyping and discrimination in videogames. The objective of this paper is to present findings on the basis of diverse accumulated information that could enlighten the concept of discrimination on the basis of race, gender and ethnicity in videogames. The videogames strongly influence the mind frame of their users. The aggressive, compulsive and violent behaviors in videogames are frequently adapted by the children and adults. Hence, it can be interpreted that the discriminative illustration portrayed by videogames will enhance stereotyping on the basis of race, gender and ethnicity. Therefore, this study provides a platform for several future researches in the corresponding area of research. In addition, this paper explores different forms of stereotyping portrayed by videogames.

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Gender Stereotyping in Video Games5

Racial Discrimination in Videogames5

Character Portrayal and Stereotyping:7



Gender or Race Stereotypes in Regards to Videogames


The purpose of this paper is to enlighten and explore gender or race stereotypes in regards to the videogames. The core objective of this paper is to analyze gender and racial stereotyping in videogames in order to evaluate its effect on the mind of players. According to different sources, the videogames influence the mind frame of their users; hence, it can be interpreted that the element of stereotyping and biasness in videogames will probably enhance and augment stereotyping in the society. Gender stereotyping in VGs is not at all limited to portrayals of women. Men in VGs tend to be pillars of strength-radiating masculinity. Created as virile and stalwart protectors, male characters are programmed with limited emotions and seemingly unlimited heroism. Analysis of masculinity in VGs is equally important in understanding content and potential influence of games. The male characters are not quite as likely to be stereotyped in VGs as female characters; only 16.9% of male characters in their study did not appear in stereotypical ways.

Moreover, examinations of race in VGs, though just as important, are far sparser than analyses of gender. Much of the research that I have found closely examined only a handful of games, particularly the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series. Though close analysis of content in specific popular VG titles may be important, this focus on GTA may be slightly off the mark. Games in the GTA series are, above all else, games about violence and, in all of the myriad portrayals of violence enacted in those games, no one person or race comes out looking clean or escapes stereotyping. As such, these games do not necessitate such thorough review and analysis while fewer attempts have been made at larger-scale quantitative analysis of race in VGs.

Gender Stereotyping in Video Games

Gender stereotyping can be observed in several aspects of the videogames. Some videogames portray female characters as weak and hopeless. These types of videogames illustrate women's dependence upon the male characters of the games. Overall, male characters in their sample were much more likely to be aggressive relative to female characters, and 33.1% were hyper-masculine (Fling, Smith, Rodriguez, Thornton, Atkins, Nixon, 1992, ...
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