Genesis And Boshongo Creation

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Genesis and Boshongo Creation

Genesis is the book of Prof. Nathan Aviezer, Professor for Physics at Bar - Ilan University, which attempts to reconcile the apparent contradictions that exist between science and Torah on the creation and development of intelligent life. The book was originally written in English and read: "He translated into Hebrew as "Genesis" by a relative of Nathan Aviezer, David Aviezer, was published by "Tigris;" (1993).

Book takes Nathan Aviezer on interpretative approach to the Torah, that is, it comes out terms assumes the time specified in the descriptions of creation story book of Genesis are not literal, so there is no contradiction between the creation story as it appears in the book of Genesis and the currently accepted scientific theory, theory of the Big Bang (Apple, pp. 327-335).

Major areas where there is a contradiction between the Torah and the spread of modern science are: age of the world creation (big bang or divine creation), and creating animal and human (intentional and immediate divine creation or a random process Ablociony long length). Over time, different people believe different excuses offered these contradictions, ranging from complete denial of modern science claimed that God is truth Hablostit not be otherwise, to claim that the Torah is not a science but a book is removed, and as such it is not committed to factual accuracy.

Nathan Aviezer book explains the creation story according to the interpretative approach, suggesting contradictions stem from a simplistic interpretation of Ahahgidim Ahthorateime, assuming word of God's intent is to simplify things as implied, but the sages say that all that was told the case of creation is not literal, but the "secrets of Torah and symbolically understood metaphorically: six days of creation are not days as defined for us - in part because until the creation of ...
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