Genesis Of Us Terrorist Extremism

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Genesis of US terrorist extremism

Genesis of US terrorist extremism


History of terrorism goes back at least 1500, when the Jewish resistance groups (66 - 72 years)killed the frenzy known as the Roman soldiers and destroyed Roman property. The word assassin comes from a Shiite Muslim sect (Nizari Isma'ilis - also hashashins "hashish, diners"), Sunni Muslims fighting (1090-1275), against the Christian Crusaders in the middle Ages East Zheng period (1095-1291) occupation. The hashashins known as the spread of the murder, including women and children in terror. Commission of terrorist assassin's brother to get seventy virgins heaven if killed on Earth get unlimited marijuana. Terrorism, the modern development began in the reign of terror of the French Revolution (1793-1794). (Martin, 2001)

During this period, has been coined the word terrorism in the world. Through the past 200 years has used terrorism to achieve political goals, and as a result of liberalization and oppression and a tool for international development policy world. The purpose of this document is that for the past 200 years, and terrorist. During the last two centuries has been the various causes of terrorism, to achieve different goals. The use of terrorism by extremist religious and nonreligious see. Historical evolution of terrorism shows that it is a tool for change. Before the use of modern terrorist act, terrorism in the Mideast and use the new for Jews and Muslims or not is not. Jewish zealots against the Roman use of terrorism against terrorism, and Muslims together (Sunni) and against the crusades. During this period of religious terror is used to kill the enemy. From the start, and his religious terrorism. Can be predicted thousands of years before - the idea of martyrdom, suicide in the service of God and death - death to kill the enemies of God. (Zann, 1998)

The first day, and focus on terrorism in God as a sacred duty, were in the service of life after death for reward have been killed. Enemy act of religious terrorism, is considered good behavior and values are. Start the reign of terror of the French Revolution (1793-1794) of modern terrorism with terrorism Maximilien Robespierre and the Jacobin party. Robespierre introduced the concept of terrorism, the virtues of terrorism, it can be a tool for making "legitimate" government of late. Systematic suppression of terrorism against the government. Robespierre in government funding of terrorism: terrorism to maintain power and suppress dissent. During his reign, and the sound of several hundred people met at the stem end.

Anarchist (1890 - 1910) is very active anarchists in the late 20th and early 19th centuries are. Anarchist assassination attempt to overthrow the Russian Tsar Alexander II of Russia, and finally follow in 1871. Syndicalist believe that the assassination of the tsar and the king and the government introduced the nobility Europe. For this purpose, the development of anarchist terrorism in the forefront of individual terrorism. Individual selection against terrorism with terrorism, individuals or groups to form a ...
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