Genetic Technology

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PN Genetic Technology

PN Genetic Technology


Anthropology has studied humankind in capacities of morphology, culture, archaeology, and philosophy. However, the knowledge gained by understanding the DNA molecule has increased our knowledge of humankind on a genetic and molecular level. Genetic technology is at the forefront of the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF), which has termed it as “converging technologies”. Genetic technology the fields of human biological provide an understanding in pursuit of the design and development of biological systems and complexity.

The technology offers wide application in diverse fields that include energy, medicine, and biological engineering. The emerging technology's regulation and development; its ability or lack thereof to control for unintended consequences; and its identity, especially its communication and relationship with unscientific audiences, represent significant ethical obstacles. Main ethical issue that relates to the genetic engineering highlights the need and consequences in the benefit of mankind. This paper examines the ethical implications that justify the existence of genetic engineering in the benefit of mankind.

Genetic Technology and Human Development

Genetic technology offers the hope of curing the diseases that cause suffering for life. Genetic technology multiplies the genetic manipulations and interventions, beyond the simple selection for hereditary diseases cure. Indeed, in some cases genetic testing and risk management help in prevention of diseases that reduce the need for high technology curative interventions.

Science progress in the field broadens the knowledge and creates theories that explain more phenomena with predictive power. It does not highlight the challenges related to the development of human treatment mechanism to the core level (Straughan, 2001). Genetic technology is instrumental in nature to the human well-being. It is the application of science to obtain a product of genetic manipulation and falls into the category of ethical practices. It is a technological breakthrough, obtaining tangible products of economic value to the science ...
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