Genetically Modified Foods

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Genetically Modified Foods Should Be Labeled

Genetically Modified Foods Should Be Labeled


One of the main concern that is in discussion nowdays is the labeling of genetically modified. Companies don't label the food as it makes the customer more cautious and well informed about the ingredients and processes the product underwent. It is due to this issue that companies started supplying non-labelled genetically modified food. This was done so. In accordance to this act of the supppliiers the customers are protesting all over the USA to either stop the production of the genetically modified food or to make a law encompassing to the labeling of the genetically modified food.

Previously the US Food and Drug Administration were unaware of the drawbacks related to the non labelling of the genitically modified food. Meanwhile there were several surveys conducted that pressurized in bringing a format on th elabelling of Genetically modified food. Following are some of the advantages of labeling genetically modified food:1. The consumers have the right to know what the ingredients are, that the food contains. It is essential to know this because healths, as well as environmental concerns, are an issue. 2. Obligatory labeling on the genetically engineered food will enable consumers to guide them on food that causes health concerns. Many of the Americans avoid food containing animal products.

Thesis statement

There are several environmental, health and ethical considerations that associates with genetically modified food. The studies also show that there are growing concerns related to the labeling of genetically modified food.Discussion

Non- labeled Genetically Modified Soy

Due to the non-labeling on the packet of the modified soy and genetically modified corn the customer used it and was severly affected with its ingredients as he was allegoric to it. Both of the genetically modified food were non labeled and contained two new ...
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