Global Business Cultural Analysis Of China

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Global Business Cultural Analysis of China


In this study we try to explore different aspects related to “the global business culture of China” in a holistic context. The main focus of the research is on “culture of China” and its relation with “business practices in the country”. The research also analyzes many aspects that significantly affect “the culture of China” and tries to gauge its effect on “the business practice regulated in the country”. Finally the research will compare and contrast the business environment and practices in China and United States in order to measure overall competitiveness of the country.

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Introduction to Chinese culture5

Recent changes to Chinese culture5

Chinese Culture Effects on Other Nations; Including The United States6

Technology and Communication7

Chinese educational advancement7

2. How are these elements and dimensions integrated by locals conducting business in the nation?9

Dominant commercial culture11

A Vision of History and Reality12

How do both of the above items compare with US culture and business?14

The implications for US businesses that wish to conduct business in that region15

Global Business Cultural Analysis of China


Currently, no one denies that China is now a highly developed economy. However, despite the level of economic development China has achieved over the last four decades, the Chinese government does not look much like that of other industrialized, democratic nations. Internally, Chinese politics, and policymaking do not seem fully respond to developments in the economy, and society. Internationally, the government has taken few Spontaneous actions in becoming more like a normal power, i.e., a state that hears large responsibility in relation to the global community. Instead, Chinese policymaking, foreign policymaking in particular, has been trapped in a cycle of 'reaction' to foreign pressure.

The purpose of this paper is to enlighten, and explore the culture of China. In addition, the study also focuses on the business environment of China, and the corporate practices in the country. Nevertheless, the paper compares the business environment of China and United States in order to evaluate the corporate and economic practice of both countries. China is one of the successful countries of the world. The business practices in China represent one of the most effective corporate practices of the world. The business culture of China can be easily distinguished from corporate cultures of other countries; because, the culture of China differs from the culture of other countries. The prime focus of this paper is on the culture, political stability, and the business practices regulated in China; in addition, the study strives to compare the diversification in business approach of China and United States.

Introduction to Chinese culture

Culture plays an integral role in defining business management systems in both Asia and the West, clearly differentiating these types of systems even at a national level. In other words, while culture makes business systems different in Asia and the West, it also makes these systems different between countries, such as Japan and China (McLaren, 2011).

For thousands of years, the Culture of China has attracted and moved many people from all over the world, being so unique and ...
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