Global Corporate Strategy

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Global Corporate Strategy

Global Corporate Strategy

In this team paper we will conduct Global Consideration for the Zen Corporation which is considering the possibility of marketing water purification equipment in Nigeria. This paper will include a detail look at areas that a company must address when they make the decision to go Global. Zen Corporation will address human resources, supply chain management, information technology, research and development, legal and ethical challenges that must be addressed as Zen Corporation moves the water purification equipment into Nigeria. By addressing the Global considerations it will clearly show the areas of risk for management of the Zen Corporation. This will determine if there are gaps that need to be addresses before Zen Corporation continues on with their venture into Nigeria.

Human Resources Management

Zen Corporation will be taking advantage of the use of an export management company (EMC) to manage and run their business within Nigeria. The purpose of an EMC is to "establish a presence in foreign markets by soliciting orders from foreign customers in the name of the manufacturer" (Export America, March 2003). It is also recognized that Zen Corporation loses control of how the product is serviced and marketed when using the EMC; however Zen Corporation feels it is worth the hassle and expense in an effort to overcome the hassles associated with the Nigerian government.

Cultural Factors

Recognizing and understanding the Nigerian culture will also provide insight to Zen Corporation. The Nigerian people believe that greetings are important and highly-valued; which should be a significant consideration to the sales staff in Nigeria. They also say "Hello" and "Good Morning" in English (Nigerian Culture, 2006). Another interesting fact is that the Nigerians identify themselves through first their ethnicity, second religion, and lastly their nationality. Their religion is mostly Muslim in the north, while the Christian religion is the majority in the south. Furthermore, the Nigerians place significant emphasis on education for their children, and many of them grow up to become intelligent individuals within the Nigerian workforce. The previously mentioned examples of the Nigerian culture further demonstrate that it is critical for Zen and their sales staff to understand the Nigerian culture in detail (Nigerian Culture, 2006).

Information Technology (IT)

The telephone system in Nigeria is an inadequate system, and may be an area that the Zen Corporation may need to focus on to enhance for private business purposes. Current information technology is a necessity not only for telephone and internet access for distribution points, but also for security and research purposes. The intercity telephone "traffic is carried by coaxial cable, microwave radio relay, a domestic communications satellite system with 19 earth stations and a coastal submarine cable . . . also fiber optic submarine cable provides connectivity to Europe and Asia" (The World Factbook). Internet access is available, however is limited.

Information is necessary to conduct and maintain water security. This involves technology to detect contaminants, improve physical security, monitor techniques and guarantee treatment effectiveness. Cooperative efforts between the Zen Corporation and various governmental agencies, public health organizations ...
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