Global Fashion Business Integrated Marketing Communications

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Global Fashion Business Integrated marketing communications

Global Fashion Business Integrated Marketing Communications

Global Fashion Business Integrated Marketing Communications



The clothing industry in the asia has experienced intense changes resulting from the growth of discounted clothing selling. The middle market may be characterised as being dominated by multiple specialist fashion retailers such as while department stores have a strong competitive influence within the industry in the luxury fashion product sector. The position of discount fashion retailers including has been significantly challenged by the entrance of supermarket operators such as while intense competition from international chains such as Gap, Zara and H&M has also increased due to the accelerating pace of globalisation. The asia fashion industry industry is one of the most competitive in Asia with multiple fashion retailers having captured approximately 70 per cent of the overall clothing market in turn generating a high concentration within the industry.

This phenomenon of retail concentration means that inefficient and undifferentiated fashion retailers are unable to survive in this mature industry in the asia context. The price orientated discount fashion retailers have so far sought to build brand names reflecting value for money principles in order to compete with retailers in the middle marketplace as well as supermarkets who target similar customer groups and segments of the market. Major discount fashion retailers have been concerned with cost delivery and quality as their key criteria for suppliers in such a way as that lower pricing and quality product levels are able to be achieved in meeting customer demands, (Jackson & Shaw, 2001, pp 34-117). International sourcing of clothing products would seem to be a common tool used by discount fashion retailers and supermarket operators in achieving cost effective product cycles. However there are hidden disadvantages in buying from overseas such as transportation costs, political circumstances such as the recent trade dispute between the EU and China and the inability of repeating orders at high speeds, (Hines, 2000, pp 21-118). Therefore more asia retailers including both discount and middle market retailers have seemingly turned back to local suppliers seeing quick response to stock needs as playing a vital role in attaining competitive advantages in the asia market, (Birtwistle et al, 2003, pp 34-117).

Purpose of study

The main objective of the research will ti find out the Specifics of marketing communications in the launch of fashion retail in pakistan. Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) is defined as A management concept that is designed to make all aspects of marketing communication such as advertising, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing work together as a unified force, rather than permitting each to work in isolation.

Research question

What are the specifics of marketing communications in the launch of fashion retail in pakistan?

Significance of study

The notion of integrated marketing communications (IMC) is not new although it has become popular in recent times. While the marketing concept, more often than not, has always focused on consumer needs, the practice of IMC has truly provided the first major effort to really ...
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