Global Perspectives In Economics

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Reflection Paper - Global Perspectives in Economics

Reflection Paper - Global Perspectives in Economics

This paper will attempt to present a reflective account of my experience in the group assignment in the form of an essay. Furthermore, I will include sources I found useful, and outline difficulties finding data, deciding how to present it in an appropriate manner, and the problems encountered working within my group. I will also shed light on how I overcame such problems and what I would do differently if faced with the task again.

The project proved to be extremely productive for me because it not only allowed me to learn about the subject of the poster (Global Perspectives in Economics) but also about research and my abilities to research. I faced numerous challenges during the course of this project and I often found myself in positions where I had to challenge my cognitive abilities and develop on solutions that I had previously chosen to give little relevance to. As a result of this group activity, I was able to come to terms with the complications that come forth when an individual is tasked with the creation of synergy in a group. It requires complete concentration and sincerity to the team as well as to the task. I have worked on projects in the past, but very few have challenged me the way that this project has. It is perhaps because of the same reason that I feel that very few projects have enlightened me in a manner similar to this project.

As a result of the data collection and data handling tasks of the project, I had to engage in research and investigation through multiple channels and sources. I initially began by making use of search engines but a few hours of searching on search engines was enough to show me that I would have to consult secondary sources if I wanted to acquire credible and significant information on global perspectives in economics. As a result, I turned to books and peer-reviewed publications in an attempt to acquire a sound understanding of the subject.

I admit that I underestimated the utility of the project in the beginning of the session but I eventually warmed up to the idea and began to take an active interest in it once I began to realize how the project was enabling me to challenge my research and cognition abilities. As I came across my first few dead ends during the course of the research, I was able to understand the true relevance of the project and the relevance that it held for me.

It is essential to highlight that I was able to make use of a large number of resources during the course of the study. In particular, I was able to understand how each type of information can be retrieved from particular data sources. Not all data sources can be expected to provide the desired information at all times. Most of the times, the relevance and authenticity of ...
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