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Today, in school rooms over the country, Liberal financial idea is being educated to scholars eager (or not so keen) to soak it in like so much "mother's milk." From last five years the inter-factional clashes in Lebanon's Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp once more illustrated the fragile security situation in some of its Palestinian camps. Lebanese designs to take over security inside the camps are turned down by the Palestinians.

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Ain al-Hilweh and other refugee bivouacs are dwelling to various Palestinian nationalist groups, but furthermore owner distinct Islamist forces that the Lebanese government considers a threat to the state's security and stability. In 2007, one of those groups called Fatah al-Islam engaged the Lebanese armed detachment in a 15-week assault in Nahr al-Bared, the country's most northern camp. Nahr al- Bared was reduced to rubble, and 30,000 fled.


Lebanon hosts round 250,000 Palestinian refugees, numerous dwelling in 12 formally recognised refugee camps. They have no learning or paid work rights comparable to the Lebanese. The Cairo Agreement of 1969 put the bivouacs under control of the Palestine Liberation administration (PLO), and ostracised Lebanese security forces from entering.

Although the Lebanese government withdrew from the Cairo affirmation in the late 1980s and theoretically reclaimed its rule over the camps, the state has refrained from exercising its authority. Politically, the camps have been directed by well liked managing groups, while security committees have been assisting as an interior police force.

When in 2006 Fatah al-Islam trickled into Nahr al-Bared however, the bivouac only had a feeble well liked managing group and no functioning security committee. The Palestinian parties were divided, and consequently failed to push the well-armed Islamist assembly out of the bivouac, effectively allowing it to take over.


At the 2008 international donor seminar for the recovery and reconstruction of Nahr al-Bared, the Lebanese government announced that once rebuilt the bivouac would not come back to the ecological, social and political rank quo ante that facilitated its takeover by terrorists, but be put under its authority.

In October 2009, a older ISF delegation toured the United States to study community policing. The visit was part of a programme sponsored by the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Narcotics and Law Enforcement. Assistance under the programme encompasses building of an ISF police position, and gear such as patrol vehicles and duty gear. Since 2006, ...
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