Global Warming

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Global Warming


The research attempts to address the most significant issue planet earth is facing today, the issue of global warming. Through examining previously done researches, the paper attempts to study the very cause of this huge climatic shift, future of the earth with global warming and the role of human activity causing global warming. Research also tries to discuss and elaborate the behavior of corporations and individuals towards this massively disastrous phenomenon and suggests the initiatives to be taken in order to combat global warming, which otherwise, will lead the blue planet towards exhaustion and death.

Table of contents





Literature review and analysis of literature review3

Causes: The ethical perspective7

Violation of environmental ethics9

The Ozone depletion11

Exxon Mobil; Case Study:11

Policy drafted for Exxon Mobil:13


Future of the planet13

Research implications14




Global Warming






Outline of the paper


What global warming does (review)

Evolution of global warming

Human activity causes

Current results of global warming

Example of oil producing giant Exxon Mobil

Earth tomorrow

The evolution of global warming (research done by author)

Causes, the ethical perspective (research done by author)

Ozone depletion (evidences and arguments)

Example of an organization (evidences and arguments)


Future of the earth with global warming (special concern)

Implications of the research (Benefits of the research)

How to save earth? (Recommendations)


The climatology of the earth is threatening the survival of earth, by the earliest of 20th century. The very threat is known as global warming today. Global warming is the result of enormous discharge of carbon dioxide backed by operation of human activities or operations. Every year such discharge increases the content of carbon present in the global atmosphere for around seven thousand million tones which is anticipated, to persist, for over a century. (Houghton, pp.123-128, 2004). Since, CO2 is a heat absorbent, this increase contents causes the temperature to rise and leads to climatic catastrophes.

This few degree surges in temperature makes hug difference in the earth's climatology, for instance, if we look at the earth's average temperature by the mid of the twentieth century was just a few degree higher as compared to the nineteenth century (Johnson, pp.22-23, 2009). Earlier the entire northern hemisphere ranging from North America to Canada was wrapped under the glaciers for about 10,000 years from today. As of now those huge ice glaciers have liquefied, and ice could only be found at the earth poles or over the pinnacle of these mountains.

Further, in the normal course of life human activities are causing such discharge to raise even greater and thus keep the earth average temperature rising throughout the year. The burning of fossil fuels as well as excessive deforestation leads to multiplication the Carbon dioxide discharge, which is further boosted by air pollutants caused by industrialization as well as transportation through vehicles. Therefore, the ever growing huge discharge of carbon dioxide is posting a horrific threat by depleting the Ozone layer, which is defined as the atmosphere that surrounds the earth and takes in around 97-99% of the high radiation sun rays. The depletion of Ozone layer is taking place due to excessive carbon presence, and ...
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