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Problems and Opportunities of Globalization for Global Public Health When Managing Obesity

Problems and Opportunities of Globalization for Global Public Health When Managing Obesity

Health, Health Promotion and Globalisation of Public Health

The globalization public healths mean that worldwide awareness, evaluation, analysis, and actions must be enhanced in the upcoming years. It could also be described that making a chart for distinct courses of development and growth for the upcoming years is an ethically pivotal, for present and future generation. To address the future health challenge it requires coordination and responses at the highest level: Personal, families, communities, national, and global (Yach, Bettcher, 1998, p.739). Similarly, public health is the art and science of taking care of the body so that the life span can be prolonged. Public health usually involves increasing self-awareness in an individual about health and subsequently tells the masses about how, why, how much they have to care about their health (WHO, 2003).

WHO- Definition of Health

World Health Organization defined Health as follows:

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”

The above definition of health as given by World health Organization criticized, because of the following reasons:

In the above definition, the word “Well-being” used. This word is highly subjective, because when we say 'well-being' it will differ from one person to another. For one person the meaning of 'well-being' might be different, and for the other person, the corresponding word might have a different meaning.

Secondly, since WHO is a global organization that is a fundamental aim is to promote health around the globe. Nevertheless, when we see the above definition, unfortunately no specifications have been mentioned about how to improve the health of people of this world.


Globalisation defined as a set of process important for the creation of ...
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