Globalization And Hrm Strategies

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Globalization and HRM Strategies

Globalization and HRM Strategies


Google Inc. is a multinational business that was incorporated on Sept 4, 1998. The headquarters of the business is based in Mountain View, California. Google Inc. is a massive business with an impressive turnover of more than $50billion in the year 2012 (Baker & Doran, 2007). The corporation mainly generates revenues by providing internet-based products and services to consumers all around the globe. The main range of services that the corporation provides includes internet search, advertising technologies, cloud computing and software applications and programs (Baker & Doran, 2007). The business has also produced operating systems and platforms for desktop and handheld computing devices. Google generates almost all of its profits through advertising revenues.


The management of human resource has become integral for organizations that are operating in the current business environment. A fast-paced business environment combined with rapid globalization has forced managers of human resource to devise effective strategies in order to recruit, train and mentor the best people from across the globe. The impact of globalization has particularly opened new avenues for businesses as they are able to tap in to foreign labor markets to recruit some of the best talents (Baker & Doran, 2007). Changing trends in domestic and foreign labor markets have also affected businesses to a great extent as human resource managers have considered opportunities to hire employees from these markets too. However, human resource managers have also been exposed to a myriad of challenges due to rapid globalization and cultural diversity and accessibility to foreign labor markets (Baker & Doran, 2007).

In the case of Google Inc., the impact of globalization has been significant for the business. Google is a multinational enterprise that has established offices in many countries. In order to populate its offices in other countries with efficient and diligent staff, it is important for human resource managers at Google to get accustomed with the culture of the counties where they set up their business. For example, there are significant cultural differences between Asian and European labor markets and businesses need to acknowledge this when they are making recruitments (Jackson et al., 2012). Only by getting acclimated with diverse cultures and labor markets can human resource managers guarantee hiring the best candidates for jobs. Since Google mainly deals in internet-based products and services, an important requirement for the business is to make sure that employees have a high level of ...
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