Globalization And Its Impact

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A Critical Evaluation of the Impact of Globalization and the Internal Convergence of Management Accounting Processes


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In this study we try to explore the impact of globalization in a holistic context. The main focus of the research is on the impact of globalization and its relation with the internal convergence of accounting management process. The research also analyzes many aspects of impact of globalization and tries to gauge its effect on management accounting processes. Finally the research describes various factors which are responsible for impact of globalization and tries to describe the overall effect on internal convergence of the management accounting processes.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction1

Aims and Objectives2

Ethical Concerns2

Chapter 2: Literature Review4

The Role of Management Accounting Systems8

Evolution of Different Types of Global Organizations9

Centralization/ Decentralization9

Chapter 3: Research Methodology11

Chapter 4: Discussion and Analysis12

Internal Audit16

Legal issues16

Chapter 5: Conclusions17

Board of Directors18

Compliance Management18


Legal issues19


Glossary of Terms23

Chapter 1: Introduction

Outline of the Study

This research focuses on the various aspects of impact of globalization and the internal convergence of the management accounting processes. This study is comprised of the following chapters:


(2)Literature Review

(3)Research Methodology


The emergence of globalization and changes in business environment has contributed greatly in the development of accounting treatments review. Whereas; due to presence of computers and Internet computing become widespread, on the other hand electronic commerce has made ??financial information more complicated, and it is obligatory that accountants need to adapt and keep up with things. The increase in the knowledge regarding the field of computer and the Internet is aiding to change the business environment. Taking into account the impact of information technology on the profession of accounting and auditing, it is also in the phase of changing and the main cause states by Bhagwati, (2004) is technological revolution. Also, the business that are not in line with these developments and focus on knowledge management and better use of modern technological methods will experience its survival and continuity of the question. People must act to stimulate the energies of individual creativity and enhance competitiveness, and armaments culture of creativity, innovation and collective performance, and providing the opportunity to learn in front of employees in the organization, for the development of their information, and develop their skills, and abilities, and the use of models of flexible architecture, and technology, information systems and advanced communications. It could be argued that information technology represents at present a real challenge to the accounting profession, as it requires knowledge of the accountant ...
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