God And Creation

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God and creation

Theology: God and creation

Theology: God and creation


The purpose of this study or the article is to discuss a very important issue related to the human's belief that is God and His creation. In the universe, all the things are assumed to be created by the God. Different people who belong to different religions believe in the God, however, their belief is different due to some differences in the religions.


The doctrine of the creation of the world out of nothingness is the foundation of the Christian doctrine of creation. According to this doctrine, its origins world owes volitional act beginning less and infinite, God.

Not being eternal and without beginning, the world was created on a plan of the almighty and omnipotent creatures, being immeasurably superior being whom he had created the world.

Creation of the world out of nothing suggests that God creates a completely new reality, bringing to life a different reality. We can say that the created world is an absolute excess which could not be at all. God takes all the things not to being a force of his mind and will. But it does mean that the created world is completely the excellence of the God.

Creation out of nothing is a code of belief of our faith. This belief has found the first expressed in the Bible, Second Book of Maccabeus, where the mother, exhorting her son to go for martyrdom, said: "Look at the sky and the earth, and seeing all that is in them, know that everything God created out of nothing". From eternity God saw in his mind made up his character creation. These images are the essence of the divine idea of the created world. The Creating of the world is in the accordance with His eternal ideas that God is ...
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