Goldings' “thinking As A Hobby”

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Goldings' “Thinking as a Hobby”

Goldings' “Thinking as a Hobby”


“Thinking as a Hobby” by William Golding is a narrative essay which describes three levels of thinking through the stories of attempted communication with several people and it reaches some conclusions about their own patterns of thought and of human nature. This paper discusses the Goldings' essay “Thinking as a Hobby” and evaluates the main character of the movie, “Money ball” and the type of thinker he is.

Thinking as a Hobby

In this essay, Goldings describes the three level of thinking he has met throughout his life. The children, according to the narrator, are flooded with teacher's hypocrites who say one thing about how things should be, but act contrary to the beliefs, and thus fit the category of third grade thinkers. The narrative changes in the Goldings' teenage years, when he finds that the religious beliefs of his girlfriend Ruth rely on weak supports, and thus he embarks on a journey that he would later describe as a thinker in the grade second thinker, i.e. a cynical and sarcastic people whose only purpose is to overthrow the illusion ideologies of the thinkers of the third grade in a malevolent effort to have fun at their expense. In college life, a fruitful career with Einstein leads to the conclusion that this intellectual giant may be a first grade thinker.

Thought is the activity and creation of the mind, through the activity of intellect. The term is commonly used as a generic product that defines all the mind can generate, including the activities of the intellect or rational abstractions of the imagination , all that is mental in nature is considered thought, whether these abstract, rational, creative , art, etc. trategic thinking involves prepare and be able to receive many challenges ahead, both predictable ...
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