Good Boss Vs. Bad Boss

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Good Boss vs. Bad Boss

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Good Boss vs. Bad Boss


I am not convinced equivalences Good Boss / Bad Boss and True / Little Chef. Small head back over to a lack of major, someone small size. Of course, say that someone is playing the small head is hardly flattering, but it is not enough. Bad Bob Sutton shows that a boss is someone really harmful. It's a whole other side of bad bosses. You could tell me, do not worry, it's just a title. Yes, except that the concept is pervasive throughout the book, which means that if, like me, you prefer simply by translating good leader or bad leader good boss, bad boss, you do gymnastics throughout the book, each time you read a small head, to bring bad leader to restore the original meaning of the author. Finally, the disappearance of the subtitle and "learn from the worst" would almost forget one of the very best quotes from the book, Eleanor Roosevelt: "Learn from the mistakes of others. You can not live long enough to commit them all yourself. "

These little problems being discussed, let's focus on the essential content of the book, dedicated to making quality of a leader (Thayer, 2010).

"I do not care that you manage the sales team the most successful of your company, you train world champions or high school you lead tops the list of elite institutions: if you treat your employees as dogs, you are not, in my opinion, a good boss."

72% of people at work are abused by their leader! 75% of employees report that their supervisor is their first source of stress and the demonstration is made that working for a good boss reduces the risk of heart attack (Giuliani, 2002).

So why and how such alarming statistics can they occur? Just because a person of power feel less compassion and empathy for a person expressing a painful event. A study has demonstrated, to support EEG. It is as if the orbitofrontal lobes were damaged. Their activity is reduced. Let us remember also the results of the Stanford Prison Experiment, conducted by Philip Zimbardo, who showed that ordinary students who are given the task of temporary jailer quickly fall in harassing behavior.

The pressure at which managers and leaders are subject also implicated in the drift behavior. As proof, this remarkable study of John Darley & Daniel Batson. Are asked to theology students to make a presentation of the Good Samaritan, on the virtues of help from his neighbor. To get to the venue, they should take a walk outside. The weather is cold. A man accomplice is placed on the edge of the driveway, lying, and simulates a state of great distress. We give three different instructions to the seminarians. Some do not have to hurry particular, others have to hurry a bit, finally, the latter should run (Sutton, 2010).63% of the first stop to help. 45% of the second. Only 10% of the ...
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