Good To Great

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Good to Great

Leadership concept of good to great


To sustain the growth it is imperative for every company of the industry had to reveal the pattern of good to great, by proving the detail information of results, by comparing their results with other similar companies of the industry. Further, to demonstrate “good to great” model a company must have experience of more than 15 years , its stock are running in the market, ant most important its return are double the return of market (Collins, 2002).



The most astounding outcome of Good-to-great companies lies in the detection of appropriate leadership skills that poses the ability of turning a good company into great one. It could be assumed that such experienced companies are lead by experienced employees with famous personalities. However, this type of assumption is not certified as leader who remains in the spot light cannot be referred as great leader.

To turn good companies to great it is necessary for leader to poses level five leadership qualities, which explains that these leaders have the experience to deal with any situations, close the attention of the media, has the ability to neglect personal ambition towards the attainment of goals and objectives of building a great company (Collins, 2002).

An appropriate example of a good-to-great leader is known as George Chain the current CEO of Abbott laboratories. This company was able to engage in a calm business operation in the pharmaceutical industries. Further, the current CEO did not pose an exciting personality to run the company, but he has the ability to tolerate difficult situation and produce results by encouraging the employees to perform at their best.

A leader that poses the level five leadership qualities, perform their operation in step wise manner, and ensures that every part of the organization is following his footsteps, and ...
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