Goodnight Desdemona

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Goodnight Desdemona

Goodnight Desdemona


The paper discusses about the play Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) written by Ann-Marie MacDonald in a holistic context. The paper analysis the play and compares it with further two plays of the same writer, which include The Arab's Mouth" and "The Way the Crow Flies". The basic aim of the paper is to develop an understanding of artwork in a comprehensive and creative manner.


Ann-Marie MacDonald, Canadian actress and playwright, has written and performed successfully for the theater, cinema and television. Ask forgiveness, publishing event in 1996, is his first novel and has won numerous awards, including the Commonwealth Writers Prize 1997.Il his second novel: As the crow flies was nominated for the Giller Prize. In the novel, the various stories that are woven around a Canadian Air Force Base in the '60s, intersect perfectly, and the reader never has the feeling of getting lost or has been forgotten a step.

Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) and 'one of his stage play in the upcoming Reading Theater, a project curated by Monica Capuani, journalist, translator and "passion" of theater. Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) by Ann-Marie MacDonald, a contemporary work that revisits grotesque and the two comic masterpieces of Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet Othello, played by Elena Brumini, Fabio Church, Aspa Maria Pilar Perez, Marcela Serli, Mirko Soldano, the direction is entrusted to one of our most valuable and original artists, Serena Sinigaglia.

Biographical Background

Constance, a degree in literature and assistant professor, works as a ghost-writer for Professor Night and simultaneously grapples with the writing of the thesis. His thesis on Shakespeare is quite controversial: Romeo and Juliet and Othello would indeed miss comedies, looted from an original alchemical manuscript, the manuscript Gustav, unfortunately not yet deciphered. His theory is based on the observation that, in these dramas, the tragedy comes from simple misunderstandings and tragic: Constance, therefore, believes that if the Fool looked a plot or a character akin to reveal the ambiguity, the plot sfocierebbe in a happy ending, something that does not happen.

A few days before his twenty-ninth birthday, she received a severe blow: Professor Night to Oxford and chose as his assistant Ramona, one of his brilliant student: Constance instead will move to another city. The girl collapsed psychologically, decides to quit: while waiting to speak with the president throws away all his things, and among them also the manuscript. But suddenly the text of the manuscript unfolds before your eyes.

To his surprise, Constance ends up in the tragedy Othello , just when Iago tells the Moro affair of the handkerchief: the young university, to save the situation, revealing the lie. The general show his gratitude, and ask her to be his counselor. Even Desdemona, the beautiful wife of Othello, make friends with Constance and demonstrate the enormous esteem: the self-esteem and also teach self-respect. She will understand that you have wasted years of his life for a man who used and did not even thank her.

Constance does not understand, and the spectrum ...